Review đề 30-12 - BC Huế - Trung Tâm Học Liệu

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P1: One word only
P2: MTC ,process.
P3: 2 one word only, 5 answer questions No more than 4 words, MTC 3/7
P4: 4 no more than 2 words. 2 one word only, 4 matching features.
P1: TFNG và one word only
History đại loại về building ở một văn hoá cổ đại.
P2: Matching Info, Matching features, no more than two words
nói về Multitasking
P3: MTC, YNNG và Matching ending.
nói về Green roof
Task 1: Computer ownership tương tự car ownership khác mỗi cái tên.
Task 2: đại loại là giống đề này.
"Nowadays, many animal species are becoming extinct. Some people believe that countries and individuals must solve this problem, others believe that humans being are more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion."
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