Review đề BC 24-01-2022 - Ames Lò Đúc

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Tốc độ tầm cam 15 16 x1.25
Section 1 về một vụ mất xe ô tô
Section 2 về orchestra & theater ở một thành phố - MCQ + matching
Section 3 hai sinh viên nói về shampoo research và shampoo ads - MCQ + matching
Section 4 về các cách xử lý coffee grounds thân thiện với môi trường - one word only
Passage 1: Pyramid of Caius Cestius in Rome, Italy - TFNG + one word only
Passage 2: Approach to scientific research (nói về experiments of Piaget, Mehan,... quantitative/qualitative research) - matching paragraph info + one word only + MCQ
Passage 3: Killer whales & manifestations of culture - TFNG + one word only + matching paragraph info
✏️ Đề 1:
Task 1: Graph - birth rate of 5 countries in 1970 and 2000
Task 2: Urgent problems could be solved by international cooperation. Agree or disagree?
✏️ Đề 2:
Task 1: Table - number of adults and children taking part in wildlife survey in 2001 to 2009 (odd years)
Task 2: Some countries spend a lot of money preparing competitors in major sports competition such as Olympic Games and football World Cup etc. It is better to spend money encouraging children take up sports at a young age. Agree or disagree?
✏️Đề 1:
Part 1: Mỗi topic khoảng 5 câu
- work/study
- get lost/map
- headphones/earbuds
Part 2: Describe an important skill that's hard to learn
Part 3:
- what skill that everyone needs acquire
- what skill that is important to the younger adults
- is it important to learn new skills
- difference between the ability to learn new skills between the young and the old
- is it true that teacher is a critical factor in the academic progress of a student
- can a student develop their academic progress just by learning at home
✏️Đề 2:
Part 1: Mỗi topic khoảng 5 câu
- work/study
- public garden/park
- handwriting
Part 2: Describe an interesting person you know
Part 3:
- benefits of knowing foreign person
- required skills of multinational company's employee
- difficulty in working at multinational company
- is it important to know about a country before you go there
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