Review đề BC paper-based 11-12-2021

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* Listening: tốc độ ngang Cam
- sec 1: Part-time student (one word)
- sec 2: History of the ship (mcq)
- sec 3: The medical course (3 câu đầu gap filling, còn lại mcq)
- sec 4: Human memory (one word)
* Reading:
- part 1: Water treatment in Australia
- part 2: Các loại hình nghệ thuật giải trí châm biếm
- part 3: ‘deaf’ to music (ynng, mcq, matching information)
* Writing:
Task 1: bar về common activities of children in the united states as part of their bedtime routine
Task 2: Internet access helps young people and workers achieve their education and work goals more easily than before. To what extent do you agree or disagree?