Review đề computer-based BC ngày 16-04-2022

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• Listening:
Sec 1: (tốc độ x1.25) về residents, one word only
Sec 2: (tốc độ x1.25) về gardening, MC và Map
Sec 3: về project on literature in mid-century, full MC
Sec 4: (tốc độ between x1.0 - x1.25) về Land Diving Ceremony, one word only.
• Reading:
Sec 1: về how toys can affect children's ways of learning
Topic tương tự trong CAM14:
Sec 2: về business organization, bài ngắn nhưng nhiều từ chuyên ngành 4 câu MC siêu khó
Sec 3: về biodiversity
• Writing
- Task 1: Maps về community center now and prospect changes.
- Task 2: "For safer transport, should the driver take a driving test every year" To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.
* Part 1: Hometown
- Where is your hometown?
- Do you think that it's worth living in the city?
- In the future, do you want to move to the countryside?
Spending time with others.
- What do you like to do with others?
- Do you prefer to study alone or with others?
TV programs
- What kind of TV programs interested you?
- Do you think children nowadays watch a lot of TV?
- What kind of TV programs are you looking forward to in the future?
- Do you watch a lot of TV when you were a kid?
* Part 2: Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go
- Follow up: Do you think you can go on this trip?
- Is there anyone who has gone on this trip using a car before?
* Part 3: Full topping transport cho một ngày trời mưa
- When going on a trip what transportation do people use?
- Do you think bikes and motorcycles are popular in VietNam? Why?
- Do you think Vietnam's transportation is convenient?
- Is there any downside to VietNam's transport?
- How different is the transport in the countryside and the city?
- How can the government improve transportation in the countryside?
- Do you think in the future, the transport in cities will change?
- How can low-quality transportation affect people's lives?
- What should government do about this situation?