Thi IELTS bằng máy 1-3-2022 - IDP Ngọc Khánh

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1. Speaking:
P1 : work , lost ( y trong forcecast)
P2: felt proud of a family member
- do u often think about it
P3: khi nào cha mẹ tự hào về trẻ em và phần thưởng cho trẻ em ?
2. Reading
P1: đường cho walkers
P2: phương pháp dạy trẻ con làm toán
P3: lưỡi
3. Listening
Tốc độ ổn
4. Writing
P1: growth in physical size and population of Egytian city of Alexandrea
P2: Nowadays, not enough students choose science subjects in university in many countries. What are the reasons for this problem? What are the effects on the society?