Tuyển tập 20 bài reading IELTS gần đây

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Page tuyển lựa 1 số bài reading để các bạn luyện tập hay học vocab ở nhà tuần này nhé:
  1. The process of cheesemaking
  2. Natural pesticide in India
  3. Sunset for the Oil Business
  4. Memory Decoding
  5. Copy your neighbor
  6. TV Addiction 1
  7. Renewable Energy
  8. Organic Farming and chemical fertilisers
  9. Biodiversity
  10. What are you laughing at?
  11. Multitasking Debate
  12. A decibel Hell
  13. Is Graffiti Art or Crime
  14. Roller Coaster
  15. California’s age of Megafires
  16. Human remain in Green Sahara
  17. Density and Crowding
  18. Video Games’ Unexpected Benefit to Human Brain
  19. The reconstruction of community in Talbot Park, Auckland
  20. The History of building Telegraph lines
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